Scheyville National Park

Scheyville National Park
From Sydney:
60kms   ·  58 mins by car

Scheyville National Park

This park north-west of Sydney near Windsor is rich in the history of European occupation. Today, evidence of Scheyville's many phases of European occupation can still be seen in the farm relics and remnants of the past that were used for agriculture, military training and immigration.

The park provides opportunities for picnicking, birdwatching, walking, bike riding and horseriding in a quiet area with not too many visitors. A Heritage Trail shows the various uses of Scheyville over the last 100 years. Longneck Lagoon is popular for birdwatching and walks.

A walking trail with plenty of informative signs takes you around the old Scheyville training farm and the buildings constructed during the Dreadnought and Migrant Hostel eras. Start the loop trail from the NPWS office located on Scheyville Road. Bring along your lunch and enjoy the rural setting of the park. There are a number of less formal walking trails through the Cumberland Plain woodland that are popular with walkers, mountain-bike riders and birdwatchers.

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