Box Hill

Box Hill
From Sydney:
45kms   ·  42 mins by car   ·  110 mins by train

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Box Hill is located approximately 40 kilometres northwest of Sydney in the Shire of Baulkham Hills.

There have been two possibilities identified for the origin of the areas name. The first is that it takes its name from a stand of box trees that were once in the area. The second is that it was named after the hunting boxes built on the tops of the hills in the nineteenth century. It was common during the 1800’s for people to come from the city to their country hunting boxes for a few days hunting. The position of the boxes on the hills made it easy for hunters to take aim at their targets. One building has survived: "The Hunting Lodge”, thought to have been built by S.H. Terry on Governor Bligh's "Copenhagen Farm".

Box Hill has open rural landscapes popular with homeowners and specialist gardeners, such as those involved in hydroponics.

The original inhabitants of the Box Hill area were the Darug people. The Darug were the custodians of the majority of what is now the Greater Sydney region. They were divided into a number of different ‘clans’, whose quick demise upon European settlement has sadly resulted in very little information remaining on how they utilised the local area.

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