From Sydney:
34kms   ·  37 mins by car   ·  76 mins by train

Dural is located approximately 35 kilometres northwest of the Sydney CBD in the Shire of Baulkham Hills.

For many years this peaceful area was utilised for timber cutting and fruit growing. In 1802 Governor King included the area in a government reserve, but the first grant in the area was made to George Hall in 1819. In it’s early years, the area supplied much of Sydney’s produce demand and in the 20th Century built a reputation around the excellent quality of its nurseries.

The village offers a unique rural experience, close to a major city. Dural has many attractions including: an immense array of nurseries, fruit orchards, hobby farms and art and craft galleries. Dural is an ideal location for a scenic drive offering romantic vistas and roadside stalls of fresh flowers and produce, all providing for a rewarding experience. The historic “Roughley House’ (1856) at Dural hosts a popular monthly concert on its lawns called, ‘Jazz at the Pines’.

The original inhabitants of the Dural area were the Darug people. The Darug were the custodians of the majority of what is now the Greater Sydney region. They were divided into a number of different ‘clans’, whose quick demise upon European settlement has sadly resulted in very little information remaining on how they utilised the local area. The name Dural was derived from a Darug word "Dooral Dooral", which means 'a smoking tree', a word that is believed to have been used in response to the early settlers action of burning stumps after logging.

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